Multi Operator In-Building Networks
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Summary and Comparison : Single vs Multi-Provider

The Multi-Provider (Multi-Operator) in-building network is far more efficient in terms of space, flexibility, and revenue for both Cellular Service Providers as well as Building Managements. Highlighted below is a side-by-side comparison of both Multi and Single Provider type of networks.

  Multi-Provider Single-Provider
Building Contract One, between Building Management and us. Multiple, between Building Management and each providers.
Rental Payment One tenant, our company. Multiple tenants, each providers must be billed separately.
Electric Bills One per month, to our company. We deploy a single master KWH meter to measure total electric usage. We will divide and bill the providers separately. Building Managements must bill each operator separately.
Project Periods Once. We will deploy our network, once finished we just need to maintain and upgrade as necessary. Several. Each provider will build their own network, on different time periods. The network construction period is endless.
Number of Cables and Antennas As necessary to cover 95% of the building, and shared. The result is a network that is up to 80% slimmer than the other model. The number stays the same regardless the number of providers providing their service in the building. As necessary for each provider to get up to 95% coverage. The number multiplies as more providers are providing their service in the building.
Maintenance Once per maintenance period. We do every maintenance and reports simultaneously for every providers that join our network. Each operators will do maintenance and quality-testing independently, periodically according to their schedule.